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Monday, 17 October 2022
17:00 - 19:00

This screening session features 3 films (see below).

All films are in English and/or have English subtitles.

Doors open at 16:30.


Kinepolis Brugge

Koning Albert l-laan 200

8200 Bruges


Free tickets: 

Reservation is not required, but optional. If you want to be certain of your seats, reserve your ticket(s) now hereSome more tickets will be available at the cinema starting 10 minutes before each screening, on a first come first served basis.

Free drink after the screening:

Thanks to our sponsors we are happy to be able to offer every visitor 1 drink at the cinema's bar (Crea Café) after the screening. Let's talk about film!



Synopsis: A film for 2020, a year to remember. 2020 different colors create a flicker film. Music by Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth). Running time: 00:01:41.


Selections/awards: Super Shorts NY&LA, Brussels Independent FF.


About the director: Tom (NY, 1957) studied mathematics and electrical engineering while also taking advantage of Art School classes, focusing on film theory and studying experimental filmmaking with Robert Breer. In the late 1970s, he started photographing the downtown music scene. His photographs have appeared on dozens of records as well as in films, books, magazines, and newspapers. Tom's experimental films often use mathematics to explore perception and the structure of cinema. In the arts, he is best known for Microfilm (1979), Digits of Pi (2019), and his photography documenting downtown NYC.



Synopsis: "A.WAY" is a journey into lost memories of youth, purely constructed with archive material. A nostalgic reverie that transitions into a feeling of melancholy and unease. The beauty of life and the fear of death as a universal sentiment. Running time: 00:15:00.


Selections/awards: Brussels Independent FF, Obskuur Ghent FF, Viewpoint Documentary FF, Super Shorts LA.


About the director: Glenn holds a Masters in "Documentary" at RITCS-Brussels. Formely known as a painter, working construction.

Snorrie (Mustachio).jpg


Synopsis: Absurd tragicomedy about thirty-something Freek, who is reuniting with his imaginary friend from the past, who is looking for closure. Running time: 00:11:35.


Selections/awards: LA Shorts IFF, Go Short Int Short FF, Flickers: Rhode Island IFF, Leuven IFF, and more.


About the director: Victoria Warmerdam (1991) graduated in 2015 as a director and writer from the Art School in Utrecht. In 2015 she has won the Burny Bos Talent Award at the Cinekid Festival with her sci-fi feature idea SpaceKees. In 2017 she wrote the short SOAP. In 2019 she wrote and directed her short film SHORT CALF MUSCLE that has played at over 130 festivals amongst Oscar-qualifying festivals at Leuven, St.Louis, Winterthur, Edmonton, Gijon, Foyle and Show Me Shorts, but also at Aesthetica and Asiana ISFFF.



Synopsis: Sid lost contact with his father due to a major disagreement that is magnified by the family’s religious beliefs. Fortunately, he can always count and fall back on his friends. They accept him the way he is. Sid goes to great lengths to prove he’s confident in his choice and won’t back down to anyone or anything. Running time: 00:09:29.




Synopsis: An unexpected moment in a session with a client confronts a psychologist with his own inner world. Alienated by the isolation of his seemingly perfect city life, the psychologist encounters an extreme inability to understand and embrace his own human nature. His inescapable desires for his male client force the psychologist to look at who he does not want to be. It is the only way that he can find out who he really is. An intimate portrait of a vulnerable man during a true and insurmountable romance. Running time: 01:00:00.


Selections/awards: Photo Museum Antwerp, Paris Film Awards, Calcutta International Cult FF (Winner Debut Filmmaker), and more.


About the director: Karel Tuytschaever (BE, 1985) graduates in 2007 from the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp in the Drama. Karel works as a freelance actor for theatre, film and television series, voice actor for TV and radio, and lecturer at the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp / AP University College. As of 2020, he is a researcher in the arts at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, with the support of the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp.

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