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Tuesday, 31 October 2023
20:00 - 22:00

This screening session features 7 short films (see below). All films are in English and/or have English subtitles. Doors open at 19:45.

Address:  Kinepolis Brugge, Koning Albert l-laan 200, 8200 Bruges

Free tickets: A reservation is not mandatory, but it is available as an option. If you want to guarantee your seats and are confident you will attend, you can secure your ticket(s) here. Additionally, a limited number of tickets will be released at the cinema 10 minutes before each screening, on a first-come, first-served basis.

Free drink after the screening: Thanks to our sponsors we are happy to be able to offer every visitor 1 drink at the cinema's bar (Crea Café) after the screening. Let's talk about film!

What If Women Ruled The World_edited.jpg

What If Women Ruled The World? (Italy) by Giulia Magno

Judy Chicago (b. 1939) is one of the most influential artists of our time. Her work has been essential in creating a space for feminism within a male-dominated art world, and continues to empower women of all walks of life. Punk musician Nadya Tolokonnikova (b. 1989) founded Russian dissident feminist group Pussy Riot. She served two years in prison over an anti-Putin performance in 2012. Judy and Nadya decided to join forces to inspire people to imagine a different, more humane world. “What If Women Ruled The World?” chronicles their first historic collaboration.

Running time: 00:07:00


Limits (Switzerland) by Simon de Diesbach

In a forest he digitized, Simon runs. Within an autobiographical narrative where the images were entirely captured in the forest of Chaney in Switzerland, running embodies the intimate link between the protagonist and the forest, a forest that has witnessed a multitude of personal events and that is now being destroyed by a gravel pit. Immersed in a fragmented world, Simon questions the reasons that pushed him to 3D scan his forest. He questions his relationship with the living world, with the limits of matter, and with the limits of digital representations of nature.

Running time: 00:07:40

Our Males and Females.jpeg

Our Males and Females (Jordan) by Ahmad Alyaseer

A father and mother are faced with the painful task of washing and shrouding their deceased transgender daughter. Shrouding is an Islamic religious practice that is deemed obligatory to carry out upon death. But when no one agrees to wash her and shame falls onto the family, how far is the father willing to go to make sure his "son" is washed?

Running time: 00:11:00

Love is the monster.jpeg

Love is the monster (Costa Rica) by Neto Villalobos Brenes

In a dystopian society a grandmother wants to spend more time with her granddaughter, but a series of events turns what seems to be a perfect afternoon into something else.

Running time: 00:15:41

A Broken Fan_edited.jpg

A Broken Fan (Before the big collapse) (Lebanon) by Assaad Khoueiry

Adel, a desperate jobless father gets out on the streets of Beirut hoping for a change.

Running time: 00:12:33

Text me when you get home.jpeg

Text me when you get home xx (Germany) by Niklas Bauer

At night, a woman enters a stranger’s car, casually and voluntarily. But soon she begins to sense the dangerous situation she might be in.

Running time: 00:10:00


Bazigaga (France) by Jo Ingabire Moys

1994, Rwanda. As the civil war rages, Bazigaga takes in a father and daughter hunted by the militia.

Running time: 00:26:44

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